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Log Post #3

2017-02-24 17:08:10 by VisionsOfDoom

I'm at that point again where everything sounds like pretetious crap or is just plain boring. And I have no Idea how to change that. Maybe I'm just a colossal curmudgeon? Probably some sort of hormone imbalance...


And what if I'm right?!

What if everything really can be categorized as either boring or pretentious, and there's just a tiny sweet spot somewhere in between.


It's all constantly in motion as well, which complicates the problem.


... fuck my brain

Log Post #2

2017-02-18 19:03:36 by VisionsOfDoom

I sincerely suspect there's no point in expecting there to be a point. Expectation in itself might have negative value. It most probably does.

I'm back.

2017-02-18 10:39:36 by VisionsOfDoom

After 7 years (apparantly), I decided to come back to Newgrounds.


Because I need to put some things out there and I can't think of a better place to do it.

I have no Idea what I'm hoping to get out of it though.


The Truth is, I just don't know what to do anymore.

A lot has happened since 2010.

I'm a different person now.

I live in a different city, I am far more skilled in what I'm doing. I think and speak diffenrently. I have new friends. And new enemies.

There's a million miles and more between who I used to be and who I am now.


I still feel unfathomably.... alone. Desolate.

That's the one common denominator between my old self and me.

Maybe I didn't understand it to the same degree back than as I do now, and in a way, that makes it way worse.


I know what I'm going through, and why. I know how my mind and body work, and what I can do to enhance or diminish the ways my mood swings. I know how to induce feelings of happines and how to drive away despair and depression.

But all that has done is to induce an even deeper feeling of ... darkness.

It's a weird, awkward kind of darkness. Not one that lurks not in your heart and soul and threatens to eat you alive, but one that sits all the way in the analytical part of your mind.

I know, no matter what I do and how I feel, nothing is going to change the fact that I exist on this earth and that I'm not getting out of my own skin*. And I don't even know if that's a bad thing, a good thing, or a thing at all or what's even the difference if any of that would be true or false.

*(Quck aside: NO, not even suicide could change that. And suicide is dumb, because I'm not hopping on that train unless I know where it's gonna take me. It would only make sense if there's no way of guessing it could be worse than my current situation - and my tolerance for emotional and physical discomfort is quite high.)


So even though I know that inducing a "positive" mental state will actually make me feel better and drive me towards being more productive, more pleasant to be around and eventually, more successful, it makes me incredibly depressed AT THE SAME TIME.

If I somehow managed to stay on a successful path for a couple of years and ended up with a ton of cash, a nice house and an attractive family, I might be to busy to remind myself of it, but I'd still be me.

The same goes for all other paths that diverge from where I am currently;

Even If I do something completely opposed to what I am, it wouldn't change anything.

I'd still be the same old me, in a new environment with a new skillset, new mannerisms and friends - whichh is wonderfully enticing and horribly depressing all at once.


But I think I've figured it out.

The only way for me to live with some semblance of hope is to constantly be on the run and always do something else, or at least do the same thing in a different place with different people.


I cannot imagine I'll ever, ever be able to stay in the same place - mentally or physically - for more than a year.



That's all I have the capacity to write at this time.

But I'll be back. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow. Maybe in another 7 years.


2010-12-29 00:11:43 by VisionsOfDoom

yaayy... just uploaded something I composed... in a really short time. Not much thinking involved, and actually I do not consider it a great piece of art. Or a piece of art altogether, just some random notes thrown together in a few minutes work, a bit of copy and paste, a basic structure and nothing spectecular. Soooo, why the Hell did I do it, then? Because Im basically bored out of my mind atm, and the real complex stuff needs some more work, somehow those things never seem to be finished, even after they've been performed like 30 times... so I decided I would create something of which I could say it's complete, and I did.
And here it is!

I also uploaded this
It's ABSTRACT, dont be afraid, it wont hurt you. It's not designed to tear up your auditory senses or something like that. It's Art.
- just hoping anyone shares my opinion

back again

2010-10-08 04:52:12 by VisionsOfDoom

Just came back from a 7 day vacation to Dublin, what a city! &fantastic people too! Havent slept for at least 80 hours or so... and thats what im gonna do right now...

Audio Submissions #1 & #2

2010-09-05 18:15:32 by VisionsOfDoom

Unbelievable, but finally, after almost 2 weeks (that felt like 2 months) I got approved!!!

Please listen, rate&comment!!

dadam, dadam, dadam

2010-08-31 23:37:01 by VisionsOfDoom

been up all night again.. feeling decently dizzy. I'm sure this aint healthy. But, well, I've got so much work to do, sometimes I just need to omit sleeping from my daily schedule.

FUCK N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine.

I need coffee. Now.

Messaged an audio moderator yesterday. NOTHING happened. Well, I guess they get PMs like that all the time. Like 100 a day or so. I personally would recommend simply appointing more Audio Moderators, that would solve the problem.


2010-08-26 22:07:49 by VisionsOfDoom

Been composing alot these last few days. Mh. And, guess what, tuning a 12-Stringed guitar really is a pain. 12 fucking Strings. argh. It takes definitely MORE than twice as long as tuning a regular 6-string. Plus I dont know for how long those strings have been on that guitar. Probably since they put them on in the factory before it what was shipped over to europe. Yes, it's from Asia. No, it's not from China. It's from Korea. Not that I would care, but I heard the Koreans build better guitars than the chinese. Anyways, it sound FUCKING AWESOME. I composed a little prelude for it, called "Arpeggiata". It's called like that. because it only consists of Arpeggios, you know. Sounds Incredible. Maybe I'll record it and upload it here. IF MY FIRST SUBMISSION EVER GETS APPROVED. That takes far too long. Im gonna PM a moderator now.

audio submission#1

2010-08-25 20:15:34 by VisionsOfDoom

still waiting for that submission to be approved. how long actually does this "quick process" take? must be like 3 or 4 days already. ):